Strong Gaurantee

At Eco Commercial Cleaning our client come first. We realize we are fortunate to have such good clients – we really care for our clients and we nurture and grow our relationships with them.
Loyalty to our clients is a characteristic of our company and we receive loyalty in return. We insist on always doing “the right thing” by our clients and as a result we grow, develop and improve, both as individuals and as a company.

Unique QA System

At Eco Commercial Cleaning, we have invented and implanted a unique Service Quality Management System, which will ensure your offices or buildings get thorough cleaned every time. Due to our excellent and consistent service performance, we often receive recommendation letters and thank-you letters or post cards from new or old clients.

About Us

Eco Commercial Cleaning is a medium sized business providing cleaning and ancillary property services to building owners and managers in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Sydney. Eco was established in Queensland in 2006 and directly employs over 200 trained and experienced cleaning staff.

Our message is simple – We Care!

We are confident that we can be the cleaning company that you can TRUST!